25 gardens listed as ‘historical gardens’, Summer Palace included

25 gardens listed as ‘historical gardens’, Summer Palace included

The Beijing Horticulture Greening Bureau announced Thursday that 25 parks and gardens,including the Summer Palace and Beihai Park, are among the first batch to be inscribed onthe “historical gardens” list.

The concept of “historical gardens” refers to those gardens and parks located within Beijing’sjurisdiction that carry distinctive historical and cultural values and more importantly, played apivotal role in the development of Beijing’s urban landscape or cultural progression in a givenhistorical period or in a particular area of Beijing. Gardens built upon heritage sites also areincluded in the list.

Beijing has a great number of world-class cultural relics. Why is it still necessary to set a”historical gardens” list? It can better promote Beijing’s role as a historical city, the greeningbureau said. Some of the gardens on the list were built on historical remains, so protectingthem can help keep the unique architectural style and cultural features of those gardens,which is conducive to building an urban green system that is rich in historical and culturaltreasures.

Related regulations will be made to enforce the full protection of the listed gardens, thedifferentiation of ordinary and historical gardens in terms of management can better protectBeijing’s historical and cultural heritage.

August 8, 2015

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