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Joel Primus Launches Naked Revival™

The affordable luxury company is ready to unveil a new era in holistic lifestyle brands.

There’s a revolution coming to the lifestyle industry. Naked Revival™ is about to reset the market with its imminent launch. Pushing the envelope beyond branding, Naked Revival™ is about to become a movement – a philosophy – catering to the modern-day consumer who is wellness-conscious, discerning in taste, and a free thinker.

Spearheaded by Joel Primus, Naked Revival™ will start by offering a limited release of premium men’s underwear in May, 2024, followed by the launch of a unique routine-based shopping experience for wellness and self improvement motivated individuals. From the highest quality supplements to luxury apparel to clean skincare essentials, each item is selected to cut through the noise and help customers elevate their own daily routine and guide them on a path to a better self. , is already eagerly anticipated by fans who are flocking to join the waitlist.

Already so desired?

Yes. Here’s the secret: the concept of these premium undergarments isn’t new. Joel Primus founded Naked Underwear in 2008 and brought his original line from Abbotsford BC to New York, pitching on Dragons Den, retailing in Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Saks Fifth Avenue – eventually listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Naked Revival™ is a new company, but yes –  at the helm is Joel Primus, who’s underwear designs have been worn by the likes of The Amazing Spiderman and NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. Initially, his new limited-edition Warrior collection will be released as an exclusive drop and only one hundred customers will be able to get their hands on it. Each pair is sewn in Vancouver, British Columbia, made from hand-spun fabrics imported from Como, Italy. They will be branded with an exclusive collector’s edition mark. 

However, underwear is really just the beginning. Their initial mission statement reads more like a wellness manifesto:

“We inspire individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment by establishing personalized routines that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Through our meticulously curated marketplace, we offer a collection of products, resources and experiences tailored to your unique needs and preferences.”

The translation – they’re not just selling underwear! 

Excited yet? Let’s meet the minds behind this exciting new launch.

Joel Primus

This multifaceted entrepreneur holds the distinction of being the co-founder and the creative brain behind the innovative brand, Naked Revival. In his current role, Joel engages a wide audience through The Ramble Podcast, a platform where he conducts open and uncensored dialogues covering a diverse spectrum of topics including individual journeys, global locations, various pursuits, and artistic performances.

In the realm of filmmaking, Joel has made significant contributions as the director and producer of several notable documentaries and docu-series. His portfolio includes acclaimed works such as ‘Raising Global Citizens‘, ‘Finding Nowhere’, ‘Colombia’, and ‘Revive’. Additionally, he has authored ‘Getting Naked – The Bare Necessities of Entrepreneurship and Startups‘, a book that delves into the essentials of starting and running a business. His insights and experiences are further shared through his personal blog at, where he chronicles his adventures and professional journey.

Transitioning from his past as an elite long-distance runner, Joel now dedicates his time to daily training and meditation, valuing the tranquility and balance it brings. He spends his leisure time nurturing familial bonds on their farm located in the serene outskirts of Vancouver.

Unafraid to be genuine

Naked Revival™ isn’t just about bringing back the crowd favorite – although fans who missed Naked Underwear are thrilled at this opportunity. But Joel says that Naked Revival™ will be a full-service lifestyle brand – holistic, all-encompassing, with products designed to suit every aspect of the modern Wellness Warrior’s busy life.

The Wellness Warrior – according to Joel – is his target audience, a unique consumer, someone who takes care of themselves both physically and mentally; someone who keeps up with wellness and self improvement innovations and is always learning and optimizing; someone who turns to alternative media sources that promote original thinking – those who veer away from traditional mainstream media that is often deceptive and pandering.

“Naked Revival™ is unapologetically authentic,” Joel says. “The products are ultimate luxury – premium craftsmanship, superior materials – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The idea is genuine living. Original thinking. Being independent and not just accepting what’s being fed to you. Our customers are free, connected to nature, unafraid of their sexuality. It’s a raw, wild energy that we’re very excited about.”

The company’s future portfolio will include home accessories, skincare, supplements, and online learning, among others. Naked Revival™ is already combining a strong digital presence with plans for physical retail partnerships and the team has plans for global expansion.

Get ready for the Naked Revival™ soft launch in February 2024 – and prepare for the full company launch this fall.

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May 6, 2024

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