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Dr. Erica Sheffield’s Mission of Resilience and Empowerment

Dr. Erica Sheffield is the founder and CEO of Anchored 2 Teach, LLC and Dr. Erica Speaks. She’s an educator, keynote speaker, author, mentor, and maven in the realm of educational and personal development spheres. Her diverse career spans multiple facets, from international engagements to educational consultancy. Dr. Erica is a force of positive change, impacting lives globally.

As a global speaker, Dr. Erica’s voice resonates across continents. The stages of Paris, Madrid, Rome, New York, and Johannesburg have all felt the power of her message. With each engagement, she reinforces her brand – one of strength, resilience, and unwavering determination. Her international reach includes podcasts, magazines, radio talk shows, and more. Wherever there’s an avenue to inspire and educate, Dr. Erica is present, bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge to an ever-widening audience.

“Every story has its ups and downs, and mine is no exception,” Dr. Erica shares. “I draw from my personal experiences, such as emotional upheaval, personal losses, and triumphant comebacks. The crux of my message is that it’s not enough to teach from textbooks. You need to relate to people from lived experiences. This is what makes a message authentic and lets it resonate with your audience.”

Dr. Erica embodies the belief that challenges are stepping stones to happiness and success, and she has transformed her own personal pain into a source of strength and inspiration for others. She’s a survivor and a thriver – and she showcases the incredible power of the human spirit to rise above adversity.

“My team and I run a coaching practice, the DARE 2 Be Enough Academy,” Dr. Erica shares. “We seek to empower both men and women, helping them metamorphose into successful entrepreneurs. Under our tutelage, our clients imbibe the three essential Cs for success – Confidence, Competence, and Cash flow.”

She adds that these coaching practices go beyond business success. Dr. Erica is known as the “Can You Relate Coach” – and her approach is holistic, focused on the entire journey of self-discovery and growth. Her coaching methodology focuses on empathy so that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

“I’m always humbled and grateful for the accolades my team and I have received in the entrepreneurial and coaching spaces,” Dr. Erica says. “But honestly my true passion is education. I’ve spent 26 years in this area and I’ve dealt with both K-12 and higher education.” Her pivotal roles at the University of West Alabama and her work with PowerSchool underscore her enduring commitment to the educational realm. 

While she has retired from these particular roles, her ardor for academia remains unquenched. Dr. Erica serves as an Online Professor and ADA Compliance Coordinator, and she makes sure that educational accessibility remains a priority. This is making a massive difference in the virtual world, as many colleges and universities are moving to online formats. Nearly 2.79 million students, which constitutes almost 15% of all U.S. postsecondary students, are enrolled in online colleges and universities. In 2021, roughly 60% of U.S. postsecondary students took a portion of their classes online, while about 30% pursued their studies entirely online, according to Forbes.

Dr. Erica is also an accomplished writer, and is pleased to announce the release of her 2023 book, following her 2022 contribution to “Yes, You. Yes Now! Testimonies of Women Winning in Business, Love or Life”.

Her book, “Redefine Your Purpose and Gain Peace: Your Inspirational Journal“, is a powerful testament to the resilience and strength inherent in every woman. It’s brimming with wisdom and insight, and helps women to rediscover their true purpose, especially when society has endeavored to diminish their worth. Through her personal stories of overcoming adversity, Dr. Erica presents a roadmap for women to rise above challenges, rekindle their self-belief, and embrace their journey with unyielding positivity. Guided by thought-provoking prompts and empowering affirmations, readers are encouraged to view life’s trials as stepping stones, leading them towards a brighter, more fulfilled version of themselves. Above all, the journal emphasizes the transformative power of a positive mindset aligned with personal aspirations.

“I’m so excited about the release of the book,” Dr. Erica says. “My career and life have been a roller coaster of trials and triumphs. I’ve always tried to stay connected to my roots and draw strength from my family. I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother above all else. I cherish these roles. They’re the most fulfilling thing in my life.”

Dr. Erica Sheffield’s life and career epitomize the essence of resilience, transformation, and empowerment. Her mission, whether on global stages, in coaching sessions, or through her writings, is to uplift, inspire, and empower others to navigate life’s challenges and realize their fullest potential. 

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November 14, 2023

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