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Jaclyn Gibson: Dreams Do Come True

Full-time influencer and content creator Jaclyn Singletary Gibson started as a wedding photographer in San Diego, and that background absolutely explains the strong aesthetic appeal of her Instagram account. But mingled with the gorgeous beach shots and carefully crafted outfits are candid smiles, real-time marriage moments, and both the joys and tears of parenting.

In short, real life.

“My content is based on the sometimes not-so-fun reality and depths of marriage and motherhood,” Jaclyn shares. “Honestly, nothing is off-limits except anything fake.”

Jaclyn has gained a following of 250k+ on Instagram and 79k+ on TikTok, demonstrating that people gravitate toward her realness, openness, and willingness to be vulnerable about all aspects of her life. Gibson strives for authenticity in what she describes as “a space filled with a lot of fake!”

Real Talk for Real Moms

Jaclyn offers humor, the ups and downs of being a parent, even fashion advice and style inspiration for the everyday woman. She has gained a large following for being someone who says what we’re all thinking: “I talk about things that not everyone loves to discuss but that we’re all going through,” she says.

For example, she strives to provide healthy, natural, home-cooked meals for her family. Organic and vegan options are often at the top of her shopping list. But she also isn’t afraid to post a video in her car enjoying a rare splurge from Chick-fil-A. “I got a Diet Coke,” she admits, rolling her eyes, “which I know, it’s so bad.”

Jaclyn points out that there’s no point in trying to play pretend and act like life is one big Instagram post. “Life is real and gritty,” she says. “We don’t always want to admit our struggles and our failures, but those are part of life, and you can’t just pick and choose. At least, I don’t want to. I’m okay with showing all of life, not just bits and pieces.”

Opening Up in a Judgemental World

“I always want to be as real and open as possible,” Gibson states. “I want to always remind women that whatever you’re facing, whether it’s body issues, marriage problems, parenting difficulties – you aren’t the only one, and you are not alone.”

She brings up issues that many women struggle with but often aren’t comfortable talking about. “I posted a video where my husband was outside crying. I got so much negativity for that post, but firstly, he was fine with it – and secondly, the point was that we as a society need to allow men to feel their feelings, and that’s something that’s lacking. It was for awareness, and if people don’t like it, maybe they should take a moment to examine their own values.”

Creating a safe space for her beloved husband to open up emotionally is on par for Jaclyn’s mission and personality. Her social media accounts are an echo of that safe space. This is why women and girls are flocking to her social media accounts. She shares celebrity crushes, crazy parenting moments, and funny, sweet, touching, and frustrating marriage moments.

Promoting and Uplifting Women Being Themselves

Gibson strives to be an example of someone secure in herself, someone unafraid of being honest about life’s hardships. She feels strongly that women should feel free to be themselves: “You don’t have to look and act and dress and talk like everyone else,” she insists. “Who are you? Look inward and know yourself so you can be confident showcasing your true self to the world.”

She leads by example, posting content about things that most are afraid to share. She shares makeup struggles and successes, her favorite morning routines, how she hates wearing bras, and her adventures in different hair colors. She wears what she wants, says what she feels, and isn’t worried about looking or seeming a certain way.

“There’s no such thing as perfect,” she laughs. “Imperfection is perfect.”

Avoiding Artificiality in Favor of Authenticity

Gibson’s accounts feel safe. Warm, Comfortable. Her TikTok videos make use of popular sounds and songs, keeping it fresh and trendy, but she intersperses these with “real talk” about the different types of subjects that most influencers hesitate to tackle.

Her message is clear: she feels that people should be true to themselves and that everyone should feel free to be open and genuine. “I spent twenty-five years trying to be someone I literally could never be,” she admits. “You will add the most value to those around you when you are 100% yourself and are able to accept who you are. That’s the only way you can also grow in the areas where you need to grow.”

Her goal is to continue to reach young women and as her follower count grows, more and more people are being touched by her heartfelt stories. She’s passionate about women being the best versions of themselves for their families, spouses, kids, and themselves. “I want to let women know that they are worth the dream life that they can’t stop picturing,” she says, “whatever that might look like for them. I do want to relate that it takes hard work, sacrifice, and not giving into societal norms.”

Success is Not a Destination

In type Jaclyn-style real talk, she shares her ideals about success: “Success is not a destination. It’s not financial. Success is caring more about what you think of yourself than about what others think of you. Every single day we have the choice to live with intention. If you end each day proud of what you accomplished or how you grew, that’s success.”

She puts her passion into everything she does, which is how she grew her Instagram account into a thriving business promoting brands and showcasing her favorite products. She’s moving forward with a series of videos teaching other women how to accomplish what she has by sharing how she works with brands and how to get their attention.

“I refuse to gatekeep what I do,” she says. “I want to share my successes with everyone. I want all women to have the freedom to spend more time with their families and achieve the life they dream of.”

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