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Minister Yahdan Yada and the Logistics of Healthy Living

We live in a time full of ongoing technological advancements and innovations in the healthcare and wellness industries. It seems like there are new ways of diagnosing and treating every discernible illness under the sun. So why is it that mental and physical health issues are still so prevalent? Why is it that some of us are dying younger than our ancestors did?

Minister Yahdan Yada, Founder of The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation, believes that many of our problems can be attributed to one thing: a lack of self-love. “If you do not love yourself, it will manifest itself in your life in many ways, including destructive relationships and poor health. I understand this because there was a time when self-hatred was all I knew.”

As a young boy, Minister Yada lived in a neglectful, abusive environment. “Children are innocent and know nothing of the world and themselves except what they experience,” he says. “I was no different. Without a father, I was very lonely, and because I was abused, I did not understand that I was worthy of being loved. I spent far too many years not reaching my potential and feeling that I was worthless.”

Minister Yada sighs a little as he remembers those times. “I could not succeed at work even though deep down, I knew I had potential. It was this constant pull between anxiety about my future and frustrated ambitions. As a result, I developed tremendous anxiety, which progressed to the point that my liver began to shut down.”

He remembers standing at the edge of a cliff, where he had to choose between continuing to hate himself or deciding to embrace a new idea that was radical for him: self-love. “I gave this a lot of thought. Self-hatred was very familiar to me, and I understood it. Self-love, however, was foreign, but I decided to go after it because it had to lead somewhere better.”

For Minister Yada, self-love meant not just the development of a more stable and positive sense of self but an intense focus on his physical body. For the first time, he started to truly pay attention to what he chose to put into his body, traveling around the world to study herbs and plants with healing properties.

His findings and personal revelations led to the creation of his health and wellness empire, The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation. He aims to help people detoxify their bodies, addressing ailments and improving overall health, but The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation is about more than that. Minister Yada is committed to healing those around him and spreading his messages of love (of self and others), community, and compassion to people everywhere.

Minister Yada’s motivation to promote wellness manifests in a multitude of ways. One of these is through his second company, a logistics enterprise called Yadalo Group SA. How is this related to health and wellbeing? He explains: “Being able to transport goods from point A to point B is vital to the survival of all mankind. With the demand for consumerism increasing and transportation of goods becoming more difficult, I find it necessary to help bridge the gap by allowing businesses and consumers to continue operations with the assistance of logistics and transportation.”

This enterprise is beneficial to the people of Senegal, Africa, solving supply chain issues to give people access to the things they need to tend to their physical and mental health, making daily life easier. 

It also brings jobs to Senegal, a country where 75% of families are living in chronic poverty. “On average, employees here earn between 100-200 francs each month,” Minister Yada says. “I believe in financial equality and opportunities, so I pay each of my 5,000 employees 100 francs per week. I want more families to experience financial stability and be able to accomplish their own dreams. I aim to improve the economy one job at a time. More people will be lifted out of poverty. Imagine what they will be able to do then!”

As a combination of his love of health and his logistics efforts that bring jobs and financial stability to people experiencing poverty, Minister Yada’s next move for The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation is to create a luxury wellness resort in Ecuador, providing a place for people to detoxify, recharge, and address their health needs head-on. He also hopes for worldwide distribution of his wellness products. 

Rather than reaching personal financial success and stopping there, Minister Yada continues to recreate himself in order to better help people around the world by providing jobs, wellbeing, community, and love to those who need it most.

“Once I embraced who I was and treated myself with kindness and love,” Minister Yada says, “my road began to open. I was able to live into who I am. I want to use my life story and my companies to help other people do the same. Self-love is unfamiliar to far too many individuals, but it is truly life-changing.”

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