Professional women should give birth at younger age: Doctor

Professional women should give birth at younger age: Doctor

Zhang Qiaoli, a physician in the Department of Human Reproductive Medicine, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Medical University.

Women should strive to balance quality of work and life, and have children at a young age.As a doctor I see much suffering because of this imbalance. Xiao Ying, 36, works for a largelaw firm. Her job means lots of travel, a heavy caseload and a large number of meetings, soher schedule is hectic.

She has been pregnant twice, but had abortions on both occasions because she felt herbusy, high-pressure career wasn’t conducive to raising a child. She planned to have childrenonce she had achieved career success so she could provide a stable environment for herbaby.

After 10 years, Xiao felt the time was right, and she tried to conceive for about six months,but was unable to become pregnant. I conducted comprehensive physical checkups. Theresults suggested that Xiao’s ovarian function has declined and a bilateral oviduct blockagehas occurred, meaning that in vitro fertilization is her only option.

So, after reducing her workload, Xiao underwent IVF treatment. Luckily, she got pregnantafter just one treatment cycle, but later experienced vaginal bleeding, and rushed to thehospital. I told her to rest and carry on with the treatment (to prevent a miscarriage).

August 8, 2015

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